Nestlé Gender Balance Acceleration Plan


Nestlé has made progress in recent years increasing the number of women in managerial positions. Today, 43% of these roles are held by women. With its Gender Balance Acceleration Plan, Nestlé will now put further emphasis on increasing the proportion of women in the group’s top 200 senior executive positions from around 20% currently to 30% by 2022. This is another step in Nestlé’s journey towards gender parity.

The three focus areas of the plan

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Bold leadership

Holding ourselves accountable by setting measurable goals, and demonstrating visible commitment at the highest level of the organization.
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Empowering culture

Fostering inclusive workplaces through our policies, and the training of our managers on unconscious bias, among other initiatives.
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Enabling practices

Supporting women through our talent management practices and by enhancing mentoring and sponsorship programs to prepare high-potential women for senior executive positions.

Key steps for acceleration:


Gender Balance has been a priority for Nestlé since 2008, and we have already made progress:

  • In June 2015, we launched a new Nestlé Global Maternity Protection Policy (pdf, 1Mb) granting all women a minimum of 14 weeks’ paid maternity leave.
  • In September 2018, Nestlé publicly pledged to help accelerate the pace towards equal pay for equal work during the UN General Assembly. Our local teams have initiated an analysis of their gender and equal pay figures in December 2018.
  • By January 2019, 43% of Nestlé’s managerial roles and around 20% of the top 200 senior executive positions were held by women.
  • Since 2015, 12,120 employees have received unconscious bias training worldwide.
  • The company has embedded gender balance in all its Human Resources practices.

The acceleration plan aims to increase the proportion of women in top 200 senior executive positions to 30% by 2022. To achieve this we are taking these actions:

  • Supporting all managers to foster an inclusive workplace and ensuring that they are trained on unconscious bias
  • Encouraging the use of Nestlé’s paid parental leave program and flexible work policies in place in all Nestlé operating companies
  • Enhancing mentoring and sponsorship programs to prepare high-potential women for senior executive positions
  • Hiring and promoting more women in senior executive positions
  • Reviewing results with senior leaders to promote gender balance and ensure progress
  • Continuing our efforts to champion equal pay and eliminate conditions that create gender pay gaps
  • Reporting progress in Nestlé’s annual Creating Shared Value report

Supporting initiatives for Women Empowerment and Gender Equality

Equal Pay pledge

Equal Pay pledge

In?September 2018, we pledged to accelerate the pace toward equal pay for equal work.

We made the announcement at an event on the margins of the September 2018 UN General Assembly in New York.

Organized by the Equal Pay International Coalition, the event aimed to build a consortium of partners committed to closing the gender pay gap and achieving equal pay.

Nespresso's Gender Analysis?Tool

Nespresso's Gender Analysis Tool

The?analysis tool was created in partnership with as part of our Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality? Program to help us understand gender equality within the coffee supply chain. In 2017, we tested it in Indonesia, Guatemala and Ethiopia, and reported the results at the end of the year.

Using these insights, we developed a gender equality strategy for our AAA Sustainable Quality Program. Through this, we aim to empower women and reduce gender disparities.

Nestlé Cocoa?Plan

Nestlé Cocoa Plan

Through?the , we have looked to support women who want to grow their own cocoa in C?te d’Ivoire – like with AFPCC, a co-operative of around 600 women led by Agathe Vanié.

In 2010, it joined the Nestlé Cocoa Plan and we provided them with high-yield, disease-resistant seedlings.


Related information

Download our Creating Shared Value report

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