Promoting decent employment and diversity

成人动漫在线观看Everybody is entitled to decent work. This means equal opportunities, a living wage, prospects for development, and the freedom to express concerns, organize and participate in the decisions that affect their lives. As a major employer worldwide, we have an important role to play in providing a workplace that treats people with dignity and respect. We are also committed to offering opportunities to those who face barriers to entry.

Creating shared value...

For society

When people are in good work, society benefits in many ways: there is more money in the economy, lower healthcare costs and greater quality of life.

For our business

As a major business, we benefit from the greater productivity that comes from a healthy, secure, motivated workforce.

Our approach

Decent employment and equal opportunities are fundamental to our culture. We’re proud of our diversity, and we have numerous programs in place to promote gender balance and the inclusion of people with disabilities, different generations and sexual orientation (LGBTI). Our size and scale also enable us to provide good jobs and apprenticeships to young people around the world who need it. Once at Nestlé, we support all of our employees to lead healthier and happier lives.

Why it matters

成人动漫在线观看Everyone is entitled to decent employment, with equal opportunities, a living wage, security, prospects for development, and the freedom to express their concerns, organize, and participate in the decisions that affect their lives. Businesses also benefit from the greater productivity that comes from a diverse, secure, and motivated workforce.

成人动漫在线观看Youth unemployment is a serious issue, contributing to global poverty and damaging communities and their futures. It is also important that businesses are more diverse and inclusive, and better reflect society. Businesses like Nestlé need to tackle this to secure a pipeline of future talent.

Our contribution

As a global company, we are proud of our diversity. We have specific commitments to promote gender balance, within our own operations and in the societies and communities we source from. In line with this commitment, we are also pledged to closing the gender pay gap, with equal pay for equal work for our employees.

We actively support diversity in all its forms throughout our business and work hard to promote the inclusion of people from different generations and cultures, and those with different abilities and sexual orientation (LGBTI).

We also use our scale and size to provide jobs, apprenticeships and training for young people, helping them find employment or gain the skills they need to enter the workplace.

成人动漫在线观看With our commitment to enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future, Nestlé places a real emphasis on workplace wellbeing. We want to inspire people to lead healthier lives, as we believe a safe, healthy workplace creates a healthier business.

Our work promoting decent employment and diversity contributes to SDGs 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 16 and 17.

Our material issues are those that have the most impact on the economy, society and the environment. See how we map our material issues to the UN SDGs (pdf, 600Kb)

We are dedicated to creating workplaces that are decent, respectful and inclusive.

See our commitments

Our achieved commitment

Provide training on?Corporate Business Principles, nutrition and environmental sustainability
In 2017, we achieved this goal and it’s now embedded in how we do business.

Find out more

CSV - Linkbox - Global Youth Initiative
CSV - Linkbox - Global Youth Initiative

Global Youth Initiative

We’re supporting youth around the world to get educated and trained.

CSV - Linkbox - Improving livelihoods in communities
CSV - Linkbox - Improving livelihoods in communities

How we're improving livelihoods

Our 2030 ambition is to improve 30 million livelihoods in the communities where we operate.

Download our Creating Shared Value report

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